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Natalie Bates
Commonwealth Games Road Cycling Champion

The Women's Investment Club offers to sportswomen and women in general excellent opportunities for acquiring knowledge and skills in investing and money management.
Women must learn to manage their personal finance and investment decisions independently.


Welcome to The Women‘s Investment Club - a 
self-directed community set up to help Australian women improve their financial know-how, learn skills & gain confidence. This knowledge will assist them to better manage their money, investments and personal finance decisions. WIC offers opportunities for financial education through Events, Courses, Forums, Resources, Experts, Videos & many fun activities.  Come along to one of our events, or better yet become a Member and take advantage of the valuable opportunities available through the Club. 

WIC also carries out research into issues that hinder Australian women from achieving financial independence. The Club carries the findings to Federal & State leaders with the objective to achieve change and stimulate thinking. 
WIC promotes financial literacy and money management skills for all women, in all areas of life.
If you really want to us reach more women, organise a learning community.......

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OCT 12
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Balmoral Beach , NSW
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POSTED: 27th Mar 2014 04:20 PM
Taking piano lessons!

POSTED: 7th Jan 2014 12:18 PM
Love the clear blue sky..!

POSTED: 9th Jun 2012 11:40 AM
Looking forward to catching up with everyone on Monday ...

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